This Gluten Free Food website is designed to provide a quick search reference for sufferers of Coeliac Diesease and anyone intolerant to Gluten. Are you looking for those interesting GF products you can't find at Coles, Woolies or the local IGA?

Thanks Marci from Marci Foods who sent us a sample of her product - we really enjoyed your 80g resealable 'Gluten Free bark cracker' snack pack. Marci Food is vegan, gluten and grain free, low FODMAPs and low GI. Contact Marci Foods. Thanks also to the folks from Port Douglas Massage who let us know about the excellent healthy food they recommend.

As we add new links and resources - our editors will try and expand notes and references about the sites, how to find Gluten Free Foods on each site and general user experience. You are welcome to supply feedback or reviews! 

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IMPORTANT: Gluten Free Foods website is a directory and guide only. We do not vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of information published. In all cases - use this resource to make contact with Gluten Free Outlets - and check directly with those outlets regarding inclusions or exclusions of their Gluten Free Food products.