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Gluten Free and Coeliac Friendly Recipes

  • Edible for the Irritable Foodstore
    Hi, my name is Spencer Clements and I'm a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome. As a your Chef cooking for almost 17 years, I've found this a very challemnging disorder to live with. I have had to watch my eating habits, cvhange my diet and adjust my lifestyle in order to stay helathy.
  • Gluten-Free recipes
    Need to find wheat free recipes? Need coeliac friendly recipes? Find recipes that do not contain any wheat, rye, barley or oats.
  • Find Gluten Free Recipes on the Vic Gov 'Healthy Recipes' page
    This is a great website and a great link within the Better Health Channel website. Choose Gluten free or choose between fish, vegetables, poultry and make yourself a healthy meal.
  • Gluten Free Recipes Website - The Gluten Free Scallywag
    The Gluten Free Scallywag was started by me (otherwise know as Jas) to share the gluten free recipes that I create, adapt or come across on my various web surfing adventures to make my tummy full and my body happy. As any Coeliac knows baking gluten free is a rather large challenge (but not unobtainable!) and so this blog is mainly filled with those sweet, sweet successes. There are savory recipes as well, however, (I find) they are a lot easier to come by and so they feature less.