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Gluten Free Snacks - Wheat & Gluten-Free Energy Bars, Almonds

Gluten Free Snacks - websites and Gluten Free Snack products are added and reviewed at the discretion of Gluten Free Foods website. If you're interested in healthy eating and weight loss as part of your Gluten Free program, a Nutritionist can help. If you have a new product, website or review of an existing product or website on this page - please contact us so we can share your experience and help others find their perfect Gluten Free Snacks.


  • Marci Food - Ph Marci on 0432 187 424 - NSW 2478
    Marci sent us a sample of her delicious 'Bark Cracker' in Jan 2013. Delicious. We can see why Marci says this gluten free snack is 'created with passion'. Vegan, gluten and grain free low FODMAPs, low GI. Very filling, tasty and enjoyed by all of our three tasters. Handy 80g resealable bag - nice job - well done Marci!
  • Blue Diamond Almonds
    If you or someone you know suffers from Celiac Disease, you know how hard it is to find gluten-free foods that you truly enjoy. At Blue Diamond, we understand the problem well. As sponsors of the Celiac Disease Foundation and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), we pay attention to the ingredients we use in our products and work to find new products that meet the wheat-free, gluten-free standard.
  • Brookfarm - Gourmet Macadamia Products
    At Brookfarm we are great believers in natural ways of growing and producing food - our farm is in its transition to full Organic certification and uses natural pest management methods to control insects and disease in our trees. Caring and nurturing our environment which includes our farm is the cornerstone of our business. All Brookfarm products are GM Free.
  • certified organic snacks - Whole Kids
    We've taken out all the junk and left all the good stuff in. Our yummy certified organic snacks are crammed full of organic goodness, and they're so much fun to eat. But don't just take our word for it. We ask kids to taste test all our products. If it doesn't pass their discerning taste buds, we don't make it. Simple as that.
  • Wheat & Gluten-Free - Nutrition & Energy Bars
    Picture yourself in the nutrition bar section of your local grocery store. To say that the shelves are stocked to the gills with nutrition bars promising everything from optimal nutrition and weight loss to a meal replacement or enough energy to scale Mt. Everest would be an understatement. How can you tell which one’s best for you?
  • Gluten Free Chocolates - Wild Patch Chocolates
    All our chocolates are GLUTEN-FREE, no preservatives, no artificial flavouring and made from premium Belgian chocolate. Made fresh to be eaten fresh. Or ask about our range of premium Belgian SUGAR-FREE chocolate