Gluten Shmooten (blog) all about gluten free in Melbourne

Gluten Shmooten (blog) all about gluten free in Melbourne

Gluten Shmooten is a blog all about gluten free in Melbourne – restaurants, cafes, eateries, with a few recipes thrown in.

This website was born as a result of many long and frustrating hours googling “gluten free restaurant melbourne” when trying to organise a breakfast, lunch or dinner with one of my closest friends who is coeliac.

Here you will find an ever evolving list of restaurant, café and take away reviews that cater for a gluten free diet with either extensive GF selections or just a few hidden options. There are some fantastic places in Melbourne that don’t promote themselves as gluten free but do have some great gluten free dishes. You don’t need to sacrifice quality just because you’re sacrificing gluten.

I also have a section with my favourite gluten free recipes from my cookbooks – for those days and nights where you feel like embracing your inner chef.

Hopefully these reviews and recipes will help you spend less time googling and more time with friends!

If you’d like to add a review, recipe or suggest a place to be reviewed - please email below or visit my blog. review notes: Great Gluten Free website/ blog for MELBOURNE. Link below goes to Gluten Shmooten review of PIZZA CAPERS in Melbourne

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