Tasty Bite caters to people with Gluten Free dietary requirements

Tasty Bite caters to people with Gluten Free dietary requirements


Preferred Brands Australia is a   fully owned subsidiary of Preferred Brands International, an US based Food Company. PBA is an importer/ distributor of Tasty Bite, a range of Ready to Eat Shelf Stable Food Products.   


Tasty Bite products are manufactured in India by Tasty Bite Eatables, Preferred Brand International’s,   Indian subsidiary.  Tasty Bite was the first company in the world to make shelf stable Indian food. The state of the art   production facility based in  Pune,   has ISO 22000, ISO 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, BRC certifications and is also US FDA approved. Tasty Bite manufactures a range of Indian and Asian

Our Products

Tasty Bite   products are packed in a retort pouch which seals in wholesome   flavours   and nutrients to ensure that the products retain their freshness, aroma, texture and taste.  Once the pouch is opened,   the   contents   are  like  freshly  cooked  food.  Tasty Bite products are all natural without any additives or preservatives.  They have a shelf life of 18 months without refrigeration. 

Tasty Bite Meals are tested to withstand extreme temperatures and heights, from well below sea level to as high as the moon.  From Everest with Indian Armed Forces to Antarctica, our products have travelled  far and wide.  They are extremely popular with campers, hikers, mountain climbers, sailing expeditions and desert safaris.



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