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Gluten Free Beer, Gluten Free Homebrewing and GF Beer Kits

Gluten Free Beer can be hard to find. When you find it - you might also like to try other brands. This is the place to look for Gluten Free Beer in Australia. Where possible - we indicate if the websites and gluten free breweries have online shopping and if there have a store locator.

Gluten Free Beers are added and reviewed at the discretion of Gluten Free Foods website. If you have a Gluten Free Beer or review of an existing Gluten Free Beer on this page - please contact us so we can share your experience and help others find their perfect Gluten Free Beer Brands.


  • Gluten Free Beers - Billabong Brewing - Perth. Ph 08 93172940
    This is not a standard beer
    this is the best boutique style of gluten free we have tasted, and fits a classic style of an American Pale Ale with grape fruit and pear tones initially dry on the palate it leaves a pleasant light sweetness, the international and local hops provide a huge nose that has distinct floral and mild spice finish.This beer is inspired by our success at the Australian International beer awards last year in Melbourne with our 4 Hop ale.
  • Gluten Free Beer in Victoria - O'Brien Brewing - Ph 1300 432 337
    O'Brien Natural Light is the World’s 1st naturally brewed gluten-free light beer. It is a smooth, rich lager with a well balanced bitterness and light malt and hop character. If you didn’t know it was a light beer, at just 2.7% Alc/Vol, you would be forgiven for thinking that this was a full strength beer.

    A beer to be enjoyed over a relaxing sunny afternoon barbeque, leaving you with plenty in reserve for an evening out.
  • Gluten Free Homebrewing - GF Beer Kits - QLD - Ph 07 3271 1373
    Don't pay $100 per carton! Join the growing list of Coeliac sufferers who are now enjoying their own home brewed beer. Brewers Choice Gluten Free beer kits allow anybody to simply brew their own beer with out the risk of an adverse gluten reaction and do it at a quarter of the price of the commercial alternative.

    Beer made using Brewers Choice recipes has been formally tested and is safe for drinking.

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